Hello, my name is Aixé (eye-SHAY) and I’m a bike commuter in Portland, Oregon.

What’s all this?

From 2013-16, this site was dedicated to my helmetography project. In 2013 I got a Contour Roam2 helmet camera for my birthday. I set the camera to automatically snap a still photo every 3 seconds of my ride. Most of the time I faced the camera backwards. Every day I ended up with about 500-900 photos and at best, maybe a couple of those were worth publishing. I decided to end the helmetography project in 2016; three years was a good run. These days I use this site to share my bicycle photography photos.

Big thanks to the blogs BikePortland and The Community Project (now defunct) for writing about my helmetography pursuits.

Where I roll

Instagram is where I post photos about Portland, cycling and travel @bicycleheadpdx

Bicycle Times Magazine has published some of my writing, including an article I wrote about my helmetography in the October 2015 issue (PDF), and a couple of advice pieces I wrote about cycling in the rain and saddle selection.

I occasionally publish stories on Medium, some of them cycling related, all of them non-fiction.

Get in touch

  • If you find a picture of yourself here and prefer not be famous, just drop me a line and I will remove it. I want you to be happy.
  • If you’d like me to test and review bike gear, I’ll do it only if it’s something I’d use in real life, and you genuinely want my honest feedback. Tell me what you’ve got.
  • If you’re a Nigerian prince seeking a short term loan, piss off.

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