Hello, my name is Aixé (eye-SHAY) and I’m a bike commuter in Portland, Oregon.

What’s all this?

From 2013-16, this site was dedicated to my helmetography project. In 2013 I got a Contour Roam2 helmet camera for my birthday. I set the camera to automatically snap a still photo every 3 seconds of my ride. Most of the time I faced the camera backwards. Every day I ended up with about 500-900 photos and at best, maybe a couple of those were worth publishing. I decided to end the helmetography project in 2016; three years was a good run. These days I’m mostly on Instagram, though occasionally I will share bicycle related photos here.

Big thanks to the blogs BikePortland and The Community Project (now defunct) for writing about my helmetography pursuits.

Where I roll

Instagram is where I post photos about Portland, cycling and travel @bicycleheadpdx

Bicycle Times Magazine has published some of my writing, including an article I wrote about my helmetography in the October 2015 issue (PDF), and a couple of advice pieces I wrote about cycling in the rain and saddle selection.

I occasionally publish stories on Medium, some of them cycling related, all of them non-fiction.

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