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Cycling through Portland’s autumn light

This year I decided to enjoy autumn.

I appreciate all the other seasons, but I’ve been rudely treating autumn like a red headed stepchild because it led to winter. Winter’s not so bad in Portland; the rain is lovely, but I dread the two days of ice a year, and I would rather have longer days. Whatever, enough chatter about the weather.

It’s a pleasure to ride a bike during Autumn’s cooler mornings and the mild afternoons. This week I pulled over to the curb and took a few photos in the gorgeous light (all iPhone 6s).

Over a sea of green grass

cyclists passing each other

Cyclists blurring past on SE 34th

Restarting from a rolling stop in front of Clinton Street Market

Big kid sitting on a longtail

Cyclists casting long shadows just after sunrise

Mind the sign

The Ladd’s 500 bicycle race – 2017 edition

April 15 marked the second, first annual Ladd’s 500. In other words, this was the second year Portland cyclists gathered to have good serious fun riding around Ladd’s Circle 500 times.

It was a sunny April day for the event, same as last year, which is a minor miracle given that the usual raininess this time of year in the City of Roses.

I wrote about the rules of the Ladd’s 500 last year, so this year I’ll simply share a few photos I took at the festivities. If you want to read more about the event, Bike Portland wrote about it this year. Roll on!

Beverage handoff from the Grilled by Bike flamethrower cycle to an enthusiastic gentleman.

Derek bringing style and ease to the ride.

Flower power. And everyone else.

Dinosaur tandem emerging from the wilderness.

Kid looking up at the tall bike. It was amazing to watch the tall bike riders shimmy up their bicycles and not fall off.

A low bike contrasted with all the tall bikes.

Pink rabbity thing and unicyclist with small shorts and a bit of a grimace.

The skater girl was adorable. She kept good control of her board, unlike the guy who lost his and caused a crash (not pictured).

Another tall bike. Another unicyclist, this one with a bloodied knee. I didn’t see the crash though.

Leaning left. Another pair of tiny shorts. The bike go-cart on the right was pokey and cute.

That’s me on my cruiser, taking a few meager ceremonial laps around Ladd’s Circle. Thanks to Beth for the photo.

I’m looking forward to the third, first annual Ladd’s 500 in 2018. Until then, enjoy the ride!